We Are Nowhere and It's Now

I ain't as good as I'm gonna get, but I'm better than I used to be.

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"I’m tired of getting fucked in ways that don’t end in an orgasm."
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"Stop saying it’s okay when your soul’s bleeding. Stop trying to dodge knives that always end up in the depths of your heart. Stop looking to the ceiling hoping that tears won’t overflow. Stop taking people’s shit. Walk away. Fuck them all."
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"Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance."
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Derealization: Living in Reality When Everything Feels Unreal


I’ve been wondering for days where I can start such a complex conversation about a condition with many faces.

It didn’t take long to decide to start at my very beginning, because chances are, your beginning isn’t too different.

My very beginning was the scariest time for me, and from there, it grew and festered before I understood it. For about three months, I remained unsure of what I was going through, spending what added up to weeks on medical websites, afraid to leave my bed. Summer came around, and I spent every day locked inside of my own head, monitoring how I was feeling, willing my vision to restore itself to normal, to stop feeling dizzy, tired, weak, upset. I went to the doctor to check my glucose and iron levels, my thyroid. Those were fine and have always been fine. I searched symptoms every day. It wasn’t until July when I found an article describing the symptoms I described to you.

It’s called Derealization, Depersonalization, or Disassociation. And it is a mental defense mechanism. 

It’s just anxiety. 

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my only talent is not being in a relationship

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*interacts with people*

*has to take a four hour nap*

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